//Anima, the bear hit by a car is in custody at Libearty

Anima, the bear hit by a car is in custody at Libearty

Anima, the young female bear taken by AMP’s team at the end of the last week after she had been hit by a car and abandoned aside the road, is now in a stable condition. She is kept under medical surveillance in the quarantine area of the Libearty bear sanctuary and receives antiinflamatory medicine, vitamins and painkillers with honey.

In about one week, the lady can be anaesthetized again and we will do an X-Ray. She received an anaesthesia when she was found, in order to be taken to the Libearty sanctuary. Thus, another one can be administered only after at least one week. Afterwards, we will decide with the vet from Germany the details about the needed surgery. For this procedure, the bear has to be anaesthetized again. Although she is scared right now, we hope Anima is a fighter and the surgery will go well. Thus, because she deserves to, we hope she will have the chance to run again in the forest and climb the trees.

You may contribute to her treatment, too!

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