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The Certificate of Excellence received from the TripAdvisor team ranks The Libearty Bear Sanctuary in Zărnești among the most important and beautiful places to visit around the world. The sanctuary earned the distinction thanks to comments posted on the TripAdvisor site by visitors to the largest bear sanctuary in Europe.
”Libearty Bear Sanctuary is a winner. TripAdvisor would like to congratulate the entire team for winning this Certificate of Excellence, a prestigious award based on the quality and consistency of the reviews and opinions of visitors, earned on the TripAdvisor website. We hope you receive it with pride.” — message sent by the president of TripAdvisor, Marc Charron, to the Libearty team. With the support of AMP, since 2006, 78 captive bears have started a new life, similar to the one they would live in the wild. The Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor affirms the efforts that the Millions of Friends Association team has made.
”We are glad to have received such a certificate of excellence. This proves that our efforts to rescue these bears, whom we humans tortured and locked in miserable cages, are rewarded. And not by anyone, but by those who are the most important to us, the visitors to our sanctuary. Those who come to learn about the sad background of these bears and see them now enjoying the forest, the grass, and their freedom. We want our visitors to understand how important freedom is for a wild animal, and we hope that in the future there will be no sanctuaries, only free bears,” says Cristina Lapis, the president of AMP.

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