//Cinema One, the exclusive adopter of the female bear named by Evanna Lynch

Cinema One, the exclusive adopter of the female bear named by Evanna Lynch

Cinema One, which offers unforgettable experiences for the movie fans in Brașov, exclusively adopted Ciere, from the Libearty sanctuary, for 2019. Thus, the expenses for the food, treatments and housing the female bear will be covered by EBS Cinema Services, which owns the Cinema One brand.

The female bear has a movie story. Before Christmas 2015, people from Ploiesti panicked when she was wondering on the streets in the center of the city. The authorities beleived that the young female bear had left the mountain by climbing into a goods train that left the Prahova Valley, and jumped off when it arrived in Ploiești.

After wandering for about two hours on the streets, the female bear was finally tranqulized and carried to the Bucov Zoo, where she had to live in a 50 square meters area, for about two months. Then, the authorities asked asked the Millions of Friends Association for the bear to be transfered in the Libearty sanctuary.

Impressed by the story of the female bear, Evanna Lynch, the actress who played the famous character Luna, in the Harry Potter series, decided to name her Ciere. The name has celtic origins and the celebrity says that she found it in a science fiction novel, about a girl named Ciere, stubborn and  free-spirited, just like the bear that went in the Libearty sanctuary.

The entire story inspired the Cinema One’s representatives, who decided to suppport the expenses for Ciere, in 2019.

Learn how your company may also become an exclusive adopter and have its logo displayed in the Libearty sanctuary!

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