//Dogs also brush their teeth!

Dogs also brush their teeth!

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Ouch, my tooth! Dogs also have dental problems, not only humans. Although this is often ignored, it’s very important for dog owners to check periodically if their furry friend has such problems. One of the most severe is paradontosis that, in extreme cases, can lead to the loss of all teeth. One of the signs that always shows the presence of dental problems is halitosis, in which the dog’s bad breath will become very noticeable at a distance.

The evolution of dogs’ teeth
As in humans, the milk teeth are replaced naturally. At four months the first permanent incisors will appear and at 6 months the dental structure will be complete. ”During this period it’s good for the calcium to be supplemented with veterinary tablets. But without proper nourishment, plaque problems can still occur in the second year of life, especially in small dogs”, warns the AMP doctor, Ciprian Cocianu.

Clean your dog’s teeth
It may seem hilarious to many people, but it’s not a joke! There is toothpaste specially designed for dogs and also there are several toothbrush models on the market. Dogs’ teeth are brushed in the same way as for humans. It’s best to start this at an early age so that the animal gets used to it. If the plaque has already formed you should take your dog to a vet, because in this case the gums will most likely be inflamed and sensitive. When brushing your dog’s teeth, do not under any circumstances use toothpaste made for humans!
In case paradontosis is already present, the solution is to extract the affected teeth and to treat with antibiotics. ”However, better is prevention by brushing, descaling, chewing on specific bones from pet-shops and feeding with dry dog food, that don’t allow plaque to form. Teething problems occur mainly in dogs fed with cooked food”, advises Dr. Cocianu. Untreated paradontosis leads to the complete loss of teeth. Be aware! Especially in older dogs, overly sensitive, infected and inflamed gums can be a sign of kidney or heart disease.

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