//ETN named the two bears they adopted in February

ETN named the two bears they adopted in February

Europäischer Tier- und Naturschutz e.V from Germany named two of the bears that were saved by Millions of Friends Association that now live in the Libearty sanctuary.

After a contest organized by the ETN, their supporters chose to name the two male bears Archie and Chester. Thus, the two six year old bears won’t be just numbers anymore, as they were at the zoo. The same NGO that financed the enclosure for the wolves also named two of them. One of the female wolves will go by the name of Hope and a wolf will be called Hein.

We are greatful for the ETN support and count further on their help for saving and caring for animals.

By donating HERE, you can also offer your support for the medical treatments and care that all the animals benefit from at the Libearty sanctuary.

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