//Farewell, Marinica!

Farewell, Marinica!

Farewell, Marinica. He left us forever, in order to walk through the eternity of our memories. He had come in the Libearty sanctuary on November 16th 2010, from the Zoo in Slatina county, where he had been surviving for 14 years, in a dirty cage, without the hope to ever see the forest and play with other bears.

In the Libearty sanctuary he rejoiced the springs with fresh grass, he listened to the birds' songs and the blow of the wind, he built his own den, he trundeled in the snow, he swam and ran through the oak tree, ate acorn and enjoyed freedom and a a sky without railing. We are sure that he is, today, together with the other gone bears and the light of his walk through this life glitters in the Great Bear Constellation.

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