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Grisha, a miraculous recovery

Four years ago, after two unsuccessful attempts and a plane ride full of emotions, two very thin and scared bears arrived on Henry Coada Airport in Bucharest. From there they traveled another three hours to the Libearty Sanctuary in Zărnești. Grisha (7 years old) and Masha (6 years old) were on the verge of death by starvation weighing only 50 and 30 kilograms.
Their salvation came from a couple of elder people from Gyumri- Armenia who went for a walk. They heard strange noises coming from an abandoned yard. They were terrified by their discovery. A deserted housekeeping in which a few animals writhe between life and death, including the two bears. The cages were very small, the mess was indescribable and the animals malnourished. They had been abandoned and no one cared about their fate. An intense media scandal followed with huge rescue efforts. The actress Brigitte Bardot decided to support all the costs of bringing them to Libearty.
However the two bears were too weak to be transported so they followed a long treatment in a zoo park in Yerevan. In April 2016 they walked on grass from the first time in the training area of Libearty. After another 6 months they were released in the big enclosures. Masha settled in quickly, but Grisha took refuge in a tree. He came down only when the other bears were sleeping and just for a quick meal. It took two and a half years for him to take the courage and to overcome the fear. Now Grisha is often seen playing with Masha and with other bears and sometimes he is even stealing their food!
For him and the others 104 bears we request your help during this hard times. They all need to eat and now the only way to we can get their food is through your donations. Help this souls. https://millionsoffriends.org/en/donate/
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