//I am an orphan wolfy!

I am an orphan wolfy!

Yes, I am still very young, but I know I will become a strong wolf and I will have the chance to live with the other wolves that I can see, every day, wandering along the fence that separates us. Sometimes, I wish I was with them, running through their forest, but I am afraid, because I do not know them and my mom is no longer close to protect me!

My only memories are with my mom, with her soft fur where I used to cuddle to keep me warm, with the smell of her milk that she fed me with and the walks when she taught me about the other inhabitants of the forest. It’s been a long time and I want to forget everything that happened after my mom could not breathe anymore! I was trying to wake her up, but she seemed to be in a very deep sleep, from which she could not wake up. Then, a man caught me from my neck and, although I shouted and struggled, he put me in a cage and took me away from my mom. This man should know how much I hate him because he took me away from my mother. I will never forgive him and when I grow up and I become strong, I will bite him as badly as I can, if I have the chance. Thus, he will feel at least some of the pain that I felt.

I can’t tell how much time I spent in that filthy cage. It was not better even afterwards, although I had some bigger space and enough food. I was still missing the sound of the forest, the smell of the grass and the dew that I used to lick from leaves. I was also missing the wind blowing that used to caress me, my mom’s call when I went too far from her and she was worried about me. I would have been a very sad wolf if I had to spend my entire life in that yard! 

But someone came to rescue me from that cage and now, I am with my folks! Although I can not play with the other wolves, as I used to do with my mom, I can see and feel them. I can scent them and I recognize the familiar smell. The trees around me are even taller than the ones in the forest where I was born. They have thick branches and the leaves dance with every breeze of the wind. The people who bring me food and that I can tell by their steps just leave me alone. I like it this way, because there is no use for me to talk to them. Anyway, I can’t trust humans!

I heard from the other wolves that they have also been betrayed by humans. That’s why they are here. There are also bears, deer and foxes here, but they all have their sad stories, maybe even sadder stories. But the forest that welcomed us is assuring us that we will be happy here. We can run freely, we do not lack anything. Most of the day we hear only the wind and the crows that come to clean the leftovers after our breakfast.

In the morning, there are people who pass by our fence. Maybe they are good people, because my mom told me not all the people are bad. It is the same with wolves! I wish these people understood how painful it is to be taken by force from your place so that they leave the animals live in peace. But I think only man cubs can understand this. I saw this in their eyes and I felt that they do not want to see animals suffering behind bars.

Donate and convince me that humans may be good!

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