//In the service of majestic animals

In the service of majestic animals

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Since the first day in the sanctuary, Fernand and Elizabeth asked to be treated as ordinary people. In light of the good relations between the animal protection association “Millions of Friends” and the successors of the Romanian Royal Family, the young noblemen have made us the honor of giving a helping hand to a noble cause – caring for the bears at the Libearty sanctuary. “I was convinced by my sister, who was here in spring. She really wanted to come back and for me it was a challenge”, says Ferdinand while sorting red watermelons. He’s the family researcher – studying bioengineering in the food industry. His sister is an artist and wants to pursue the theater. “In Austria there are no bears, and until coming here, I saw this fascinating animal only on TV. It’s wonderful everything that’s going on here and I’m sorry that in general, in Austria and elsewhere, people don’t want wild animals in the forests, “says Elizabeth. 

The two young royals asked to be treated like any other volunteer, coming to serve the 80 bears from Libearty driven by the love for animals. On their first day, after rigorous briefing, Fernand and Elizabeth worked their fingers to the bone opening cans. “The first days it was difficult to touch the food. You don’t realize how exhausting it is only at the end of the day, “admits Elizabeth. Her older brother got used with it from the food industry. “I worked in the kitchen and I can say that things are not much more different than here. This food is good. I’d eat it!” The two have worked well with the other volunteers and left with a very good impression. “I was curious to observe the bears’ behavior. I didn’t think that they would be getting along so well, and it surprised me. I was glad to see that they don’t fight, on the contrary, they play”, says Fernand. In a sign of gratitude for their dedication, the royal volunteers received Volunteering Diplomas and their work was highly appreciated by the AMP staff. Their gesture is an example to popularize volunteering as a way to support the important causes of society.

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