//Libearty: 10 access hours in the sanctuary, starting July 1st

Libearty: 10 access hours in the sanctuary, starting July 1st

Starting e July 1st, the waiting time for a visit in the Libearty sanctuary will be significantly reduced! As we have a large number of bookings and requests for the summer time, our guests will have more possibilities to see the bears and find their stories. The tours will be available in Romanian and English.

The guided tours in English will start every 30 minutes, at: 9.15, 9.45, 10.15, 10.45 și 11.10.

As these changes request a larger number of guides, the prices will be changed, as it follows:

  • The price of the tickets for the visitors at: 9.15 and 9.45 will be 40 lei for adults and 10 lei for children, from Tuesday to Friday. At 10.15, 10.45 and 11.10 AM, a ticket for the adults costs 45 lei and for a child, 15 lei.
  • On Saturday and Sunday, one ticket costs 50 lei for an adult and 15 lei for a child, at 9.15 and 9.45. The price is 55 lei for an adult and 20 lei for the children, at 10.15, 10.45 and 11.10

The tourist train tours will be available every day, at 9.00 and 10.00, ONLY for groups that make an appointment at least two days before.

The schedule and the prices are available for July and August.

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