//Libearty – in the world’s top sanctuaries

Libearty – in the world’s top sanctuaries

topul sanctuarelor

Along with sanctuaries that specialize in rescuing koalas, monkeys, Komodo dragons, sloths and donkeys, you’ll find the brown bear sanctuary in Zărnești listed among the world’s top sanctuaries at www.pacsafe.com . “When Cristina Lapis got tired of seeing how bears in Romania were being exploited to entertain people, she founded the largest bear sanctuary in Europe. Bears who before lived in cages are now free to walk through the woods, swim in the pools, and search for food almost as they would be doing in the wild, all thanks to the Libearty Sanctuary. The sanctuary is focused not only on creating a paradise for bears in Romania, but also on raising awareness about the protection of the brown bear and promoting the conservation of natural resources and the environment in Romania. The main goal of the sanctuary is to ensure the peace and comfort of the bears, so visitors must respect the routines of these animals. Therefore, sometimes you might see more bears, other times less. Make sure that you stay as close to the guide as possible, as she/he will accompany you and tell you the stories of bears, which makes for a remarkable experience,” says the website http://www.pacsafe.com/blog/6-animal-sanctuaries-worth-visting .

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