//Luna and Prince Charles

Luna and Prince Charles


The loneliness of the oldest bear at the Libearty Bear Sanctuary in Zărnești has ended. Prince Charles, now 42, has spent a bear lifetime (40 years) behind bars in the yard of the Vrancea museum. When we took him over, Charles had locomotor disorders because of arthritis, heart disorders with pulmonary complications, coughing, and digestive disorders that often made him vomit. Due to his age and serious health problems, Charles was housed alone, and his life expectancy was low. Thanks to diet, medication, and the freedom of the oak forest, the old bear has survived.
Since the winter of 2012, Charles has enjoyed the almost half a hectare large enclosure, which has a pool and plenty of vegetation. All these, just for him. Here “the prince” of the sanctuary can move around freely, and his locomotor problems have improved. The old bear’s cough has almost disappeared thanks to the fresh mountain air. The silence has helped his heart to beat normally. And because there’s always plenty of food available, his digestive disturbances are now less severe.
However, there was one thing the old bear missed during the two years he’s spent at the sanctuary…. company. Although there’s a saying that “One flower doesn’t make a spring,” this is not true for our old friend. “The flower” that brought some color to Charles’ spring is called Luna and is an eleven-year-old female wolf who comes from the Baia Mare zoo. She tried hard to join the already formed pack in the wolves’ enclosure, but she failed. So she was moved into the enclosure of old Charles, where she finally found her place.
How do they get along? Great! Perhaps because they share the same sad, dark past, or maybe they’re the age at which we all become wiser.

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