//New inhabitants at Libearty: three bears from Timișoara

New inhabitants at Libearty: three bears from Timișoara

Three more European brown bears are happy to be free in the largest bear sanctuary in Europe. After driving for hundreds of kilometers, and after lots of emotions, our AMP team made everything to be possible and gave the three bears a chance to live in a natural environment. This is the information  about the most recent rescue work of the Libearty Zărnești team.

The three new inhabitants are a five year old female and her two brothers , who were born at the Timișoara Zoo and have lived there, until now. This is because the local mayor decided to let the zoo bears reproduce, without thinking about the consequences of overpopulating the available space, because he wanted baby bears to attract the visitors to the zoo. After five years, when they became bigger and „unattractive“ and the Environment Agency enforced the authorities to obey the European rules about the necessary space for the bears, the zoo officials asked for Millions of friends’ help, in order to take over the bears.

Sterilization of animals at zoos should be a compulsory management step in order to avoid euthanasia for those who cannot be placed in other centers. Two more female bears and one male still live at the Timișoara Zoo, while the three „unwanted“ cubs were brought  to  the Libearty sanctuary.  AMP ensured that the remaining male bear at the zoo had been castrated to prevent further breeding.

A team from Millions of friends went to Timișoara, where the three bears were  tranqullized, ready for transport to the sanctuary. According to our vet Ciprian Cocianu, although the bears are young, they are quite heavy: between 180 to 300 kilograms. In order to move them all to Zărnești, the Libearty team had to drive two times to Timișoara.

The transportation went well and after the first night and a deep sleep, the two brothers and one sister woke up in the quarantine area, where they will stay for a while, until they can join the other 79 bears, in order to learn the meaning of libearty.

Setting free the brother and sister:

Setting free the last brother:

You can offer your support for all the medical treatments and care that the bears benefit from in the sanctuary, by donating here.

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