//One year without the gentle giant Max

One year without the gentle giant Max

12 of november is a sad day for us. One year without the gentle giant Max. He is the one who watches us from above and who, with his gentleness, makes us remember how much bears mean to us. He has never hurt anyone, but a man has tormented him since he was a cub only for his benefit.

He blinded him with pins so he wouldn’t be smiling when he was taking pictures of the cameras, his claws were cut off, his teeth were cut off, pepper spray in his nose when he “dared” to fight back and he was drugged with alcohol and medicine to “BE GOOD”. 9 years lasted his ordeal, all in the eyes of tourists visiting the Peleș Castle in Sinaia. Nobody helped him!

In 2006 his life changed and reached the shelter of the oak forest in Libearty. Until the end he was loved and protected, as every being on this Earth deserves. Although Max went to heaven, his presence in the Libearty Sanctuary feels every day. He is present in every ray of sunshine, in every drop of rain, in the leaves, in the noises of the forest.

We will never forget your beautiful eyes, who could not see, but they knew to show us the most beautiful soul and sincere love! We miss you Max!

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