//Over 30 animals confiscated from a bedsit (video)

Over 30 animals confiscated from a bedsit (video)

The gravest case of animal maltreatment in recent years has been discovered in the center of Brașov. The police, the district attorneys, the veterinary authorities, the public service for the management of animals and the Millions of Friends Association took part in saving 28 dogs and 3 cats that had never been taken out for a walk or allowed outside.  They were held in awful conditions, in a small room with no light. The faeces from the animals were over 20 cm thick inside the room. Some of the dogs were tied up with chains against the beds and closets. They all have dermatological problems and have lived with no light, as the windows were completely covered.

The neighbours contacted the authorities for the first time last year in November, as they could not stand the unbearable smell and noise. Since then, the Animal Police from the Sanitary Veterinary Authority and the Millions of Friends Association representatives have been trying in vain to convince the woman give up the animals.

The neighbours say that the woman started gathering dogs from the streets in 2012 and since then the animals have been held in the bedsit.

This nightmare image was discovered after the police and the attorney entered the bedsit with a warrant from a judge, as the owner had previously refused to open the door and hand over the animals. The dogs and cats were rescued and taken to the public animal shelter where they will be cared for.

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