//Rescued from the sewer of death

Rescued from the sewer of death

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An approximately one-year-old female dog fell into a sewer. When she was found, she was more dead than living. It was a miracle that she was alive, surviving without any food or water. When she fell, the dog broke one of her front paws. Those who heard her crying from the very beginning never thought to alert us that she needed to be rescued. Meanwhile, the poor animal was eating scraps of the corpses from the sewer, which we named the sewer of death due to the large number of animal remains found there. After two weeks, when the dog’s cries were heard again by the same people, the AMP team was called. Weak and barely being able to whimper, she was taken to Victory, where we started an emergency treatment of hydration and vitamins. She responded very well. Her paw healed crookedly, though, so she’ll need surgery to have the chance to walk normally again.

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