//Safe after one month of anguish

Safe after one month of anguish

Every night she was banished with bats, hounded and scared with loud sounds, she even got beaten up… all because she came looking for a piece of bread or something to quench her terrible hunger.

She came from the hills and walked into the courtyards of people who scared her horribly. It is the ordeal that a bear cub passed for a month, in Subcetate – Harghita. Fortunately, all the torment ended last night when the little one arrived in the AMP Libearty Sanctuary.

The little bear is just 2 years old and weighing no more than 70 kg. Although she shows no signs of illness, the vet doctor says she is extremely weak and dehydrated, very small for her age and it is clear that she had nothing to eat. She was vaccinated rabies, dewormed and microchipped.

For now, she will spend some time in the sanctuary’s quarantine area to support her and when she is ready, she will be released to the forest at Libearty where she can play at will, she will be able to climb trees and swim in pool and will never feel hunger again!

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