//Second chance for Timka and Alisa

Second chance for Timka and Alisa

Two bears, tormented in a tiny cage in a Ukrainian zoo, need the support of all of us. Alisa and Timka urgently need to reach the AMP Libearty sanctuary and to save them we need your help.
Alisa is 27 years old, blind and was a cub ′′ machine′′ . It is not known where her cubs ended up, she was stoned with pain and marked for life. Because of stress, Alisa swings at a rate known only ofher, it’s like to ease her pain.
Timka is Alisa’s life partner. He is 20 years old and is a massive bear, about 400 lbs, the father of all the cubs that were snatched away from Alisa.
@LAEO association in Ukraine, got involved in their rescue and took them into custody. We can’t even thank them enough for all the effort they put into saving these bears! They will also bear the costs of transport.
Timka was neutered, but remained that his teeth, severely affected by the inadequate food, to be treated by us.
As AMP Libearty sanctuary gates are closed to the public and so much of the association’s income has disappeared, we need your support to cover medical and care expenses for these two bears.
If all goes well, next week Alisa and Timka will reach AMP Libearty, their new home, and they will be able to enjoy a life we think they don’t even dare to dream of anymore.
Get involved in saving them! No matter how little, it means a lot to us! https://www.facebook.com/donate/253388095917421/
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