//The first census of stray dogs

The first census of stray dogs


How many dogs are there in Brasov?
For several days, AMP representatives monitored the main streets of Brasov. During the screening, each area was rechecked at different times of the day to distinguish the dogs who shelter permanently in one place from those who are in transition, or from dogs who have owners but are left alone during the day to wander the streets. “We made this assessment for several days, at different hours of the day, for us to create a clearer picture regarding the number of stray dogs living in Brasov. We put the results on a map, where we showed the estimated number of dogs in each area of Brasov. The conclusion of this assessment is that, at the moment, in the city of Brasov the number of stray dogs is somewhere between 267 and 388,“ says Cristina Lapis, president of Milioane de Prieteni.
The difference in these numbers is due to the migration of dogs from one area to another, as well as the appearance of new dogs. Almost every day, in the neighborhoods on the outskirts of the city, other dogs appear, brought from other towns and abandoned in Brasov.
The situation is not alarming. The number of stray dogs shows that there is no need to apply euthanasia in Brasov.It’s good to know, though, that once the new animal management law is enforced, owners will be required to sterilize their dogs, except for animals from licensed kennels.

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