//Thirteen souls abandoned in boxes

Thirteen souls abandoned in boxes

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Almost weekly, dogs are abandoned in boxes at the gate of Victory or simply left in the field in front of the shelter. However, this is the first time that so many dogs have been brought in at once. Thirteen puppies, none of them older than six weeks, were carefully placed in two large boxes. Carefully, but… abandoned. Whoever left them there took the boxes out of the car and left without looking back. They never thought, not even for a second, that the puppies’ chances of survival would be very low once they’d been separated so early from their mother. Which unfortunately had already happened.

One of the puppies died, and many of the survivors are quite weak. If the people who placed these puppies in boxes and brought them to the gate of the shelter had really thought about their fate, they would have at least tried to find families for some of them. The rest of them would probably have arrived at our shelter when they were bigger and thus more resistant to disease.

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