//Three Christmas gifts, from Libearty!

Three Christmas gifts, from Libearty!

Be a Santa for the bears and for the beloved ones! Take the chance to offer a special gift this Christmas for someone you love.

You have two chances! With a silver gift certificate (20 euros), you will make someone feel special. Also, you will ensure the food and care of a bear, for one day.

If you decide to offer a gold certificate as a gift (30 euros), you will also ensure the food and care of a bear, for one day, plus a dessert jar of honey (1.5 kg).

Thus you also offer yourself the gift of seeing happiness both for the humans and the animals.

All you need to do is to pay the 20 or 30 euros here. Then, send an e-mail to milioanedeprieteni@gmail.com with your name, the name of the person you want to gift and the transaction ID.

Then, we send you the certificate, via e-mail, before the 24th of December. You may print it and frame it, anytime you want.

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