//Timka and Alisa are in the forest of happy bears- AMP Libearty!

Timka and Alisa are in the forest of happy bears- AMP Libearty!

A heartwarming story with two special protagonists: Timka and Alisa. There are two bears with medical problems, all the way from Ukraine, who know for the first time in their lives the peace and safety of the forest. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uta8PaYh-aY&t=4s


November 12, 2020-

Timka and Alisa have arrived at their house in the forest of happy bears! After a restful sleep, the two became acquainted with the forest, which they may never have seen!

In the coming days, the two will be closely monitored by the sanctuary team and will have a lot of peace.

November 10, 2020-

The long road to freedom of beautiful Alisa and giant Timka has begun.

With the help of the LAEO organization in Ukraine, the two bears rescued from a zoo were loaded into a special transport car and set off to their new home – the forest of happy bears AMP Libearty!

It’s a difficult rescue mission filled with emotion, but in the end all the effort will be worth it because Alisa, the 27-year-old blind bear and the giant Timka, 20, will enjoy nature for the first time in their life.

Timka needs medical treatment for teeth that is destroyed due to inappropriate food, and Alisa needs special care all her life, being a blind bear.


Contribute to their help! https://www.facebook.com/donate/253388095917421/

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