//Two hours for one life!

Two hours for one life!

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On March 1st, AMP implemented the first permanent volunteer program at the public dog-shelter in Stupini. Every Saturday, 15–20 fifth and sixth graders from different schools in Brasov get up early in the morning to meet the dogs. The children all took part in an Animal Protection and Welfare hour held by the AMP team in the Brașov schools—that’s how the children found out that they can spend two hours per week caring for the dogs at the public-shelter.
The crew of volunteers gathers at the train station in Brasov, and from there they take public transportation to the shelter. When they arrive, AMP representatives explain the activities and the basic rules to the new comers. Once the children are trained, they explode in joy in front of the pens, where they choose a companion. Generally, they get the one that they want, although sometimes the care-givers recommend a smaller dog that’s easier to handle. Once released, the dogs show their gratitude and impatience, overflowing with the energy the iron bars have held back. The dogs are walked at edge of the field along the access road, and these outings are full of funny moments. The shyest are hard to push, and the most enthusiastic can hardly be appeased. After 10 minutes of exploration, the students and the dogs become best friends.

A lesson about responsibility
Between rounds of walking, students return to the shelter with their friends for a water break. Water is as important for dogs as it is for humans! The activity that the students enjoy most is “styling” the dogs. Their shaggy companions are pulled over in the grass, where they’re rubbed down. The volunteers learn how to properly care for the dogs, how to use the brush on their fur, and that the fur from the brush must be collected in trash bags. The last activity takes place in the surgery room. Here, the children have the chance to meet the veterinarian, who shows them how to implant and read a microchip.
The hardest part is leaving. After two hours at the shelter, the children are having a hard time separating from the dogs. Many of their parents don’t allow them to keep a pet, so they have to wait a long time to see them again. Only after a week will they again meet with their friends from the shelter.
Volunteering is good for everyone involved.. The children spend more time outside instead of sitting in front of their PCs, and they learn to be more responsible. And the dogs are being walked and brushed—they look better and become friendlier, and their chances of being adopted by a loving family are soaring. Two hours of volunteering can change their lives for the best!

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