//Visiting The Brigitte Bardot Foundation – the inspiration for MOF (video)

Visiting The Brigitte Bardot Foundation – the inspiration for MOF (video)

For many years, The Brigitte Bardot Foundation has been one of the most trustfull, stable and important parteners of the Millions of Friends Association. The Foundation has always been close to the Victory Dog Shelter in Triaj – financing the neutering campaigns ran by us, but also offering food for the hundreds of furries we are taking care of with devotion. On the other hand, the Brigitte Bardot Foundation and the great actress herself have always supported the project of The Libearty Sanctuary.

To thank them for such a beautiful collaboration, we wanted our number 100 bear in the Sanctuary to be called by the name of the famous actress that leads the foundation. This is why the smallest bear in the Sanctuary, an almost eight months old female orphan was named Brigitte. And the little one got some of the charachteristics from her "Godmother". We are not talking only about the beauty, but also about the strong, fearless character!

To strenghten even more the connections between the two foundations, but also to gather ideas and inspiration for a new surprise-project, MOF's management visited one of the Foundation's shelters, close to Paris.

"Invited by Mrs. Ghyslaine Calmels Bock, the general manager of the Brigitte Bardot Foundation, we visited the shelter in Bazoche, located 50 kilometers away from Paris. It is a peace and a paradiziac oasis for hundreds of animals rescued by the Foundation. We met Athos – a proud and friendly turkey, we saw how the goats were fed, we caressed the cats and the happy dogs and we got some inspiration for the domestic animals farm we hope to create near the Libearty Sanctuary in Zarnesti. Lots of thanks to the Brigitte Bardot Foundation for inviting us there and for all the years of partenership.", said Cristina Lapis, AMP's president. 


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