//Water park in the third mini enclosure

Water park in the third mini enclosure

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Plenty of clean water and maximum spoiling is the order of the day for the sanctuary bears of Zarnesti. Residents of third enclosure mini won’t spend this fall lounging by the pool that was refurbished during the enclosure’s remodeling. After observing that bears love to play with the water gushing in the pool through the pipes, the Libearty staff decided to make a special installation … for fun. Said and done: the pool was equipped with a device that throws jets of water about a meter tall—like an Artesian fountain. The new “toy” quickly became popular among the bears, who splash there whenever they can.
In fact, the whole supply system of pools is an ingenious one. In the 13 natural or artificial pools in the sanctuary, water is constantly recirculated. Two pumps push the captured spring water up the hill, towards the wolves’ enclosure; from there, the water heads towards Ursula, Charles, and Max. Between the enclosures, the water is decanted and naturally purified by means of ponds. Should we mention that once a year, the pools are emptied and cleaned?

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