//Welcome in AMP Libearty!

Welcome in AMP Libearty!

💖 Cuteness alert!

🐻🐻 Two fluffy girls, orphaned only 2 months old, arrived last night in the care of the AMP Libearty sanctuary team. The little bears were found near a house in Biertan, Sibiu county.

They were alone, hungry and extremely scared! In vain the man waited for mother bear… she did not come, although the little ones called her continually. 😰

To keep them from dangers, fall prey to dogs or other animals in the area, the man left them overnight in his yard, hoping the mama bear would appear. She didn’t show up overnight nor the next day.

Seeing that the bears are weakened, dehydrated, and their lives were in danger and because they didn’t stand a chance alone, the man decided to ask for our help.

Thanks to a good collaboration with the president of the Association of Friends of Storks, from Sibiu, the little ones arrived in time in the care of the sanctuary team and the doctor.

Welcome in the AMP Libearty oak forest, little ones! 💖🐾🐻🐻

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