//A bear with a broken leg, saved and operated at Libearty (video)

A bear with a broken leg, saved and operated at Libearty (video)

A young bear (one year and four months old), with a quartered leg, was saved and then went through a surgical intervention in the Libearty sanctuary. 

The signalman from Lainici (Valea Jiului area, Gorj county) discovered the wounded bear in a train tunnel and announced the administration of the Defileul Jiului National Parc. The gamekeepers from Valea Jiului tranquilized and examined the cub. They discovered that he had an open fracture at his left back paw. The wound was infected and full of worms. In the official report it is mentioned that „the bear was phisically exhausted“.

His wounds were disinfected and then was handed to the Gorun Hunting Association, with the recommendation to be transfered in a specialized center, for suplementary investigations and the necessary treatment. 

On the basis of these recommendations, the authorities obtained all the necessary documents to transfer the bear to the Libearty sanctuary. A team of hunters transported the bear to Ghimbav (near Brasov) and then he was transfered in the Millions of Friends' car, by Florin Ticușan (the manager of Libearty) and the AMP's vet, Ciprian Cocianu.   

The bear went in the Libearty sanctuary at 1.00 AM and the surgery for the amputation of his leg – the only option – started at 1.30 AM. The surgery was extremely difficult, because the wounds were a few days old and were infected. The intervention lasted for three hours, while the cub was permanently connected to an infusion line. After he woke up, he ate bread and honey.

In the morning, the patient was transfered in a special room, under permanent surveillance. Still, his chances remain uncertain, because, given the aspect of the wounds, they were quite old.

Now, he needs very careful medical surveillance and a lot of luck. 

Help him, in his effort to survive!

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