//A stork with the name and powers of a bear

A stork with the name and powers of a bear

barza Matinica

In August, AMP intervention team went to Piatra Neamt, where an injured stork was unable to fly. Born in the spring, the little stork had one of his wings partially burned – most likely he touched the overhead power lines. The patient received first aid in Brasov. „The stork had an open wound at his right wing, but fortunately neither the tendons nor the bones have been affected. I’ve cleaned the wound and gave him medication to prevent any infection”, said Florian Debu, AMP veterinarian. The next day, the stork was transferred to the stork center in Sibiu, founded by the association “Friends of Storks”. „I think it’s a boy, and he’s very spoiled. As he already received first aid, his condition was good when he arrived to us. He slowly started to eat and drink, and then began to dominate the gang of storks. I continued to clean his wound every day and the vet gave him vitamins. He had no fever, so it wasn’t necessary to give him antibiotics”, declared Miruna Gritu biologist and president of the Association “Friends of Storks”.

Martinică will fly away in the spring
The stork was named Martinica, because he’s very strong and clever, imposing itself easily among the other storks. „The recovery appears to be fast and hopefully in the spring he will be able to fly. But we are still concerned that the top side of the wing, which provides support, does not seem to have a correct position yet”, says Miruna.
Even if he won’t be able to fly, Martinica will live a peaceful life at the stork-center in Sibiu. The “Friends of Storks” Association refuses the euthanasia, and the center is one of long-term treatment. Their small team is formed of volunteers and it takes care of 40 storks and takes over cases from all around the country. Several times a year, the representatives of the ornithological association are trying to re-integrate into the wild storks that can fly. If you like storks and want to give a helping hand, you can find more details on www.prieteniiberzelor.ro and on Facebook at „Friends of Storks”.

Watch a short movie with the stork HERE

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