Project Description

After 32 years in prison, Eva stepped on the sanctuary grass and enjoyed the pool water, two things that the old female had completely during her life at the Braila Zoo. There she lived with her son, Costica, a 7 year old bear.

Costica still pestered his mother to play but she was worn out. Her vision was blurred and her hearing diminished in recent years. In April, her dream came true: freedom. Taking into account her age, the Libearty team analyzed the risks of anesthesia of Eva and decided to move her from the zoo without tranquilising her.

On 15 December 2014, Eva finally left the Sanctuary as she passed away at the age of almost 33 years. After 32 long years of captivity in Braila Zoo she spent only 8 months of freedom at the Libearty Sanctuary, but Eva finally found eternal peace.