Project Description

Vasilică is an ex-prisoner of the same mini zoo at the “Lutsch 2000” Gas Station where Mary lived for 2 years. Vasilică had to survive 6 long years of captivity. The first two years behind bars were the hardest for him. Then Mary came and everything changed. Although it was a cold day in February, the cage warmed up, the bars seemed less rusty and even the air changed to more breathable. She became the reason of his life. None of them knew that after 2 years they will have to say Good- Bye to each other but neither they knew, that after 2 more years they will meet again. He was bigger, stronger and sturdy so the owner of the Gas Station insisted to keep him
October will remain for him the favorite month of the year. It is the month when he was finally confiscated and released to the Sanctuary in 2009 and he saw Mary again. It was like a fairy-tale and it still is, because at “Libearty” there are only happy endings.