//Update: Brigitte has her own enclosure (video)

Update: Brigitte has her own enclosure (video)

Update (18.05.2018): Brigitte was transfered in a dedicated enclosure. The little girl managed to impress everyone who was present and seems to protect her new territory.  


Brigitte, a four months old female bear, became the number 100 inhabitant of the Libearty sanctuary. The little bear came to Libearty after she had been found by a group of friends at the edge of the forest.

At the beginning, they thought it was a dog, looking for food, but eventually they realized that it was a bear. As the mother did not show up to the end of the day, the people decided to bring the little bear to the sanctuary. Thus, they saved her from a certain death, as she was too small to survive alone in the forest. Otherwise, she would risk to be ripped by other animals or to starve to death. If her mother had been around, she would come until the end of the day.

The small female bear was named after the notorious actress Brigitte Bardot, a good friend of the bears, from the openning of the sanctuary. Now, the cub is playing all day long and becomes nervous when she is hungry and knows that the moment of the special bottled milk is close. 

During the last three weeks, two other female bears went in the “heaven of bears“, in Zarnesti.

They are Anca and Pamela. Each of them lived over 20 years behind the bars of the zoos in Piatra Neamt and Oradea.

Help Brigitte grow up healthy!

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