//From circus right in bear’s heaven!

From circus right in bear’s heaven!

With her feet deformed, soles full of bruises by riding her bicycle and frightened by the faintest noise, specially those that resembled the whip which was causing her to do pirouettes. This is how Mura ended up in AMP Libearty Sanctuary when she was 5 years old. The former Globus Circus artist, the young bear refused to perform anymore and no matter the pain and constraints she endured couldn’t make her change her mind.

Her taimer says that she was found in a forest in Săcele- Brașov, by a television crew. She was just a cub so she ended up in the circus. The ordeal began. She was forced to ride a bicycle, walk on two legs dressed like a circus clown, dance and entertain the audience.  The bright lights of strobes blinded her and the noise of aplause and public screams terrified her. She refused to enter the arena anymore. Many months of abuse and deprivation of food followed but the little bear didn’t give up. In 2006 the manager of Globus Circus decided to let her come in AMP Libearty sanctuary.

Since then her life had changed completely. Nobody is torturing her any more, just admire her when she appears shy from the forest’s edge. Mura is one of the most beloved bears from Libearty .

Help us survive this hard time. The animals saved by us still needs food and care.

For instance 10 euros is the cost of a meal for one of the 106 bears. https://millionsoffriends.org/en/donate/

With a 30 euros donation you can choose one of our special certificate for the bear family – Mama Bear, Papa Bear, Cousin Bear, Baby Bear, Sister Bear. Here are the options. https://millionsoffriends.org/en/produs/family-certificate/

With a 60 euros donation you will become a virtual parent for a bear chosen by you. Here https://millionsoffriends.org/en/libearty/adopt-a-bear/


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