//VIDEO: Digging for roots, after hibernation!

VIDEO: Digging for roots, after hibernation!

Graeme woke up after hibernation and started looking for roots. After, during his sleep, he had lost some of his weight, beside the food he is given he also uses his instincts.

Graeme came to Libearty after his mother had been shot by hunters. After this tragedy, he was taken by the hunters and locked in a cage, near a mountain hut, together with his brother. It was the place where the bosses of a mining company in Baia Mare county used to have fun. When the business went on the wane, the hut was abandoned and so were the two bears, who were fighting for a slice of  bread. This is how Graeme lost his right eye. Luckily for him, we had been taken to the Baia Mare Zoo, from where he was saved by the Millions of Friends team. His brother perished, probably because of starvation.

Fortunately for him, Graeme has been enjoying the peace in the sanctuary since 2013 and he is behaving as if he forgot all the traumas.

Adopt Graeme virtually and he will become your friend!

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