//Kenya, the little fighter

Kenya, the little fighter

A little fighter! This is how we can describe this little bear that needs all our care.

June 2020. A very small bear cub moved away from its mother and most likely fell off a cliff. When she felt other stones fell on her. Nobody knows how long the little stayed there, how much she suffered, and her cries for help were in vain. She was seen by some tourists, but everyone was afraid to approach, believing that the mother bear was nearby.

A young man passionate about the mountains and fascinated by the behavior of bears eventually ventured to save her and called 112 to call for help. Unfortunately the little cub fell back into the water and was hardly pulled out by rescuers. Saving her was a real deal.

Life flowed easily from her small body and she urgently needed help. She arrived at midnight in the AMP Libearty sanctuary where she immediately entered the emergency room.She weighed no more than 6 kilograms, which is only half the normal weight for the four months of life.

She was full of larvae feeding on her flesh, could not move her hind legs and had a hematoma on her shoulder. A critical 48 hours followed, in which her wounds were cleaned and she received treatment with antibiotics and infusions of vitamins and anti-inflammatory drugs.

At the limit, her life was saved.However, a new medical evaluation revealed that she is semi-paralyzed on the right side, does not see with the right eye and does not hear with the right ear. Everyone hopes to recover.

A few more days, a week or two … and the news is good: her movements are safer and more natural and give us hope that she will recover completely!

The tiny Kenya, that’s her name, made a bet on her life and it looks like she won it!

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