//Libearty – the first Romanian attraction on Visit.org

Libearty – the first Romanian attraction on Visit.org

The Libearty sanctuary is the first Romanian attraction listed on the Visit.org website. This is an online marketplace for tours and activities that benefit communities. Visitors add immersive local experiences to their existing travel itineraries. Social organizations raise awareness and revenue for their causes.

Each organization offers a unique tour through its rich history, mission, expertise and surroundings, while respecting local culture and honoring the dignity of community members. The Libearty sanctuary, administered by the „Millions of Friends“  Association, was chosen to be presented to tourists as it fulfills all these criteria.

According to Visit.org, „the richest travel experiences have been those spent with local communities and their members. We built visit.org so that our friends, families, and anyone inspired by human interaction can easily access and enjoy similar encounters“.

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