//Misha, the dog with the name of a bear

Misha, the dog with the name of a bear

Misha the dog

Marion and Martin Sausins are two British volunteers who have already spent a few months with us at the bear sanctuary in Zărnești. They first came in 2011, and since then, they’ve returned every year.
They love our bears so much that they decided to name their dog after one of the sanctuary bears: Misha. He was the first bear they saw when they took their first steps at the bear sanctuary. Misha just arrived in the sanctuary, in July 2011. The bear-cub, was barely one year old. He lived in a very small cage in a zoo in Tbilisi (Georgia) and was the second of four bears who came from abroad. Now, the Sausin family’s puppy bears his name so the couple will always remember the bear in Zarnesti.

“Here is Misha, our eight-month-old Dalmatian. We named him after Misha the bear, the first one that we saw when we got to the Libearty sanctuary,”wrote Marion and Martin in an e-mail. They also sent us some pictures with their four legged friend.

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