//Oaks have a soul, too!

Oaks have a soul, too!

Oaks have a soul, too!

At the Libearty sanctuary, an old oak tree leaned over the fence and was in danger of being brought down by the winter wind and snow. Of course, the most simple solution would have been to cut it down. But do you know how much carbon dioxide (CO2) an oak tree can absorb? Do you know that the trees are the lungs of our planet? Every time a tree dies, a very small link from the ecological equilibrium disappears.

But at the Libearty sanctuary, the forest belongs to the bears and the trees are part of their lives. Every autumn, the bears are happy to eat plenty of acorns from the oaks! So, a younger and stronger oak is the support for the old tree. The team at the sanctuary, helped by our collaborator climbers, cut the branches that were too heavy for the old oak and anchored it by the younger tree, so protecting it and preventing the need to cut it down.

We wish our old oak to have a long life in the Libearty sanctuary in Zărnești, for the bears’ and our happiness!

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