//Only one year of freedom!

Only one year of freedom!

A year of freedom! One year enough for a lifetime.

That’s how much Katia, the circus artist from Ukraine, could enjoy a sky without bars, the smell of nature, the water in the pool and… her sister Dasha! We all cry that we couldn’t give her more time, that we are powerless in the face of death…

She went among the stars, to rest in Ursa Mare, to forget his 24 years of ′′ star ′′ life, in which she had to bear the blinding stage lights, trainer whip and a small, extremely little cage, who served as her home during all the times she wasn’t on stage or dressage.

During the months spent in the AMP Libearty sanctuary, she loved to lay on grass in the sun and sniff out the smells of the forest. Enjoyed… FREEDOM!

Unfortunately, all the hard years of dressage, captivity and torment have killed her day by day, little by little! The reunion with her sister, after too many years they could only smell from next door cages, but they could never see each other, the joy of their reunion, will remain a memorable moment in the history of the sanctuary.

Farewell gentle Katia! Smooth flight among the stars!


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