//Portrait: Ciprian Cocianu

Portrait: Ciprian Cocianu

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Ciprian Cocianu is one of the most experienced veterinarians in Romania. In the ten years since he was hired at the Millions of Friends Association,he’s operated on, treated, and cured over 10,000animals. He’s also cared for almost all the 77 bearsat the Libearty sanctuary in Zărnești.
The results of his work speak for themselves. We asked him some questions so you can get to know the person who takes care of each animal that arrives at AMP.

What are your qualifications and where did you study?
I am a qualified veterinarian in small animals, particularly in internal medicine and abdominal soft tissue surgery. I studied at the Veterinary Medicine University of Bucharest.

Where do you practice?
I work at the Victory dog shelter, where at the moment there are more than 600 dogs living, and at the Libearty bear sanctuary in Zărnești, where almost 80 bears are homed. I took care of some of these bears;the rest were cared for by my mentor and colleague, Dr. Liviu Harbuz.

Why did you become a vet?
When I was a child in primary school, I loved animals and wanted to get involved in their welfare. So I decided to attend a veterinary medicine college and afterwards, because my interest in this had grown, I attended the Veterinary Medicine University.

What’s the most memorable thing that’s happened since you started working with bears?
I can’t say that there was just one moment that I consider the best or unique in working with bears. I think that each time we rescued them from small cages or pens where they lived a miserable life, and seeing them later living a happy life in the forest, taking their first bath in the pools – can be considered the best moments in this regard.

What’s the biggest challenge in working with captive bears?
To sedate them without having control over the enclosure in which they lived.

What other animals you work with besides bears?
Dogs, cats, parrots, wolves, deers, etc.

What is your favorite subject in terms of animal welfare?
First on my list is the issue of people wearing fur. I really hope that this chapter will end soon and people will wear only artificial fur.

What is your favorite animal?
My dog, called Zero, is my favorite animal. And of course Cristi, one of the first bears we rescued.

What do you do in your free time?
My free time belongs to my family. With two small boys, I can’t say that I have any time to relax…

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