//Real bears and teddy bears live together in Zarnesti

Real bears and teddy bears live together in Zarnesti

The inauguration of the first teddy bears museum in Romania, was made together with  international stars like: Evanna Lynch – the famous character Luna, from Harry Potter and Hella Brice, the wife of the late actor Pierre Brice, who become known around the world as Winnetou, a leading character from the movie with the same name.

The museum was inaugurated on the occasion of the 10 years aniversary of care and respect for the 85 bears that have been rescued so far by the association of animals protection „Milioane de Prieteni” from Brasov.

The bear sanctuary from Zarnesti, is considered the largest project of animal welfare in the Europe and represents a model for the other countries.

The guests attended to a Te Deum at the sanctuary chapel, after which they participated in the inauguration of the Teddy Bear Museum, which will be opened next spring.

Among the guests were the British Ambassador Paul Brummell, representatives of local and national authorities and representatives of several international organizations for the protection of animals.

The great attraction, of the new teddy bear museum are two giant bears, donated to Zarnesti bear sanctuary which were made for the Royal Family of Great Britain. The three meters high, teddy bears were made to celebrate the birth of the second child of the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate. In the museum is a teddy bear donated by young Irish actress  Evanna Lynch (she acted as Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter films), and also a teddy bear which is handmade and already famous as Mr. Bean’s teddy bear.

Now there are about 200 teddies on the shelves of the museum. By spring, when the museum will be open to the public, AMP hopes to add in a few dozens more teddy bears. So anyone who had a teddy bear in the childhood and want to donate it to the museum can do so at the address below and can visit his or her friend anytime they wish.

The mailing address is: AMP street Rovine, no.5, postal code 500075, Romania

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