//Safe al last!

Safe al last!

Finally they arrived! The two ukranian circus artists, who have been tormented for more then 24 years just for the entertainment of the public, arrived at the Sanctuary after 43 hours on the road. Tired, confused, agitated, Masha and Lora walked into the quarantine rooms, where we prepared a lat ediner with bread and honey. Soon they will feel grass under their feet for the first time.

Florin Ticușan- Manager Libearty Bear Sanctuary

They have behavioral problems. One of them is circling even now. The teeth are in a bad shape because they have bite the cage bars for so long.

Paula Ciotloș- vice-president Milions of Frends Association

Their story is the story of so many bears..who press hard on the souls of those who know the reality behind that bright shinny curtain. It is a lot of suffering and a lot of pain. No bear and no animal in general does not make tricks in circus for pleasure.

Lionel de Lange- manager LAEO Ukraine

Unfortunately, they have been separated since they were cubs. They always lived side by side, they could see, smell, hear each other but there was never any physical contact between them.

Masha and Lora begin a new life in Libearty. Their rebirth means a lot of care, attention, love and a new identity. Cristina Lapis, president of the Millions of Friends Association, baptized the two artists Dasha and Katia, as well as the heroines of the novel Two Sisters by Lev Tolstoi.


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