//Scottish soap opera with a happy ending

Scottish soap opera with a happy ending

 Aslan  Florentina 2.

                                  ASLAN                                                                            FLORENTINA

For Aslan, a brown dog who lived nearly seven years at the Victory shelter, the sun finally rose a year ago, more than 3,000 kilometers away. He was transported by the AMP team to England, where, with the support of the Love Underdogs organization, he has found a loving family with…kilts. He arrived in Scotland!
Samantha Williams and Peter Lee, from Edinburgh, offered a home to this lovely dog. But the story doesn’t end here. Like something out of a soap opera, the owners are now convinced that they found their pet’s sister. His would-be relative is Florentina. The couple found her picture among those posted on AMP’s website, in the “Adopt a dog” section.

DNA tests for Florentina and Aslan
The fact that the dogs are the same age, and especially their 3 striking physical resemblance, convinced Sam and Pete that Florentina and Aslan are siblings. “We did a double take when we saw Florentina’s photograph on the website – she looked like Aslan’s double, only a little thinner. They have the same eyes, almost identical facial markings, and she’s the same age as Aslan. We’re convinced she’s Aslan’s sister.” Now they want to bring them together, to offer both a loving home and family. This will happen even if the DNA test doesn’t confirm the blood connection between the two dogs.
“We contacted Love Underdogs and asked them to sponsor her to be brought over here [Scotland] to be rehomed. They’ve now sponsored Florentina, which is great. I guess we’d have to do some kind of DNA test to establish whether Florentina and Aslan are siblings. Florentina will need a lot of training as she suffers from behavioral problems after years of neglect. But if we can, we’d love to take her in. And if she does turn out to be Aslan’s sister, all the better,” said the couple to Daily Record. To read the story, go to http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/local-news/edinburgh-couple-who-adopted-romanian-3238136

Florentina is not ready yet for the trip. She’s a friendly dog and longs for affection, but she can’t bear enclosed spaces.She has already started the training for getting used to the leash, walking in step, and socializing with other dogs. Our partners in England even sent us calming collars to help Florentina relax and get used to the crate that will take her to a new life in Scotland this summer.

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