//Special gesture from our friends at Expodom

Special gesture from our friends at Expodom

Since 1997 the Million Friends Association has been saving animals, providing shelter, medical care, protection and love. MFA promotes animal welfare and tries to improve the vision of new generations on animal protection! As education is the key point in changing the attitude towards animals in circuses, zoos and shelters, we encourage people to help change the harsh conditions in which animals live, unfortunately for our entertainment, of all people. With small steps great things are done, and we will all make the world in which we live better by the right attitude towards all living beings on this planet!

Because we are millions of friends, millions of people who feel the same, interacting with animal lovers, but especially with those who are open and willing to learn more and help is a priority for us. We organize events to raise awareness of the living conditions of the ownerless animals, of animal welfare, prevention of abandonment, collection of donations, presentation of projects to support the community and, why not, of socializing with those who help us on our way.

The importance of environmental conservation is again an important factor for us, which is why choosing a green flag is more than appropriate.

The special gesture of our friends at expodom.ro who thought to make us a wonderful surprise and gave us a foldable pavilion of 3 / 4.5 meters, is all the more important as the outdoor events are those that have the greatest impact on the community and especially on the next generation, the one who can change the world, if educated in this regard. From now on, these activities can be organized in shelter from any weather, whether it is rain or strong sun.

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