//The two bear cubs were transferred in a provisional enclosure

The two bear cubs were transferred in a provisional enclosure

The two orphaned bear cubs found four months ago near a den in Bogatii Forest, without their mother, were transferred in a provisional enclosure at Libearty Sanctuary.

The little ones, who are approximately four months old, have lived until now in a quarantine area accessed only by caregivers. Lately they have become very active and the experts at Millions of Friends Association have decided that it is time the cubs learn how to climb trees, enjoy the touch of the wind and feel the grass under their paws again.

“The decision was taken with the best interest of the bear cubs in mind. They are eager to learn about the forest and the quarantine space became insufficient for them. Until we raise the funds necessary to build a special enclosure for them, we created a provisional compound. Initially, we hoped we could release them back to the wild forest, however, their poor health and the trauma the death of their mother left, made us exclude this possibility. Now they have the chance to enjoy nature, said Ms. Cristina Lapis, President of “Millions of Friends” Association.

In order to create room for the cubs we had to relocate Monica with Max; they look happy to have one another's company. To avoid the cubs getting injured by the electrified fence, we built a one-meter high protection fence that bears can't climb on. 

The two bear cubs were discovered in February, near a hunting ground, by the forest guards. They were monitored for three days hoping their mother would return to feed them. Because this didn't happen, the forest guards called Millions of Friends Association. A team of experts went to Bogatii Forest to check their health. Our veterinarian discovered that the cubs were very dehydrated. Ever since, the bear cubs lived  in a quarantine area where only caregivers had access and bottle-fed them every two hours.

By donating HERE, you can offer your support for all the medical treatments and care that the two little cubs need!

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