//The board of World Animal Protection visited the Libearty sanctuary

The board of World Animal Protection visited the Libearty sanctuary

11 board members of World Animal Protection (WAP) are in Poiana Brasov, between the 4th and 7th of June. They are important personalities in the protection and welfare of the animals around the world. 

After a 12 year partnership, the important members of WAP chose Romania to host the most important meeting this year, because here is the largest brown bear sanctuary in the world, named by National Geographic as „The Most Ethical Sanctuary in the world“.

The team, including Paul Baldwin – WAP's Chair International Board, Nesta Hatendi – Deputy Chair International Board and nine other members of the board visited the Libearty sanctuary.

Victor Watkins, zoologist, technical expert for bears and a big supporter of the Libearty project said: ”The board of the World Animal Protection chose Romania for their anual meeting, because the Libearty sanctuary, a project we have been supporting for twelve years is famous around the world and a real model for all the people who want to involve in saving the animals. World Animal Protection also supports other similar projects: we deal with the control of the population of stray dogs and cats all around the world, we take care of a sanctuary similar with the one in Zarnesti, in Pakistan, as rich people organize there fights between bears and dogs.”

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