Project Description

Odi was caught from the wild as a cub in 1993. She lived at a farm in a cage which measured only 1.5 meters by 2 meters, in Homorod (Harghita county). She spent 12 years there, surviving on a diet based only on corn. Her cage had metal bar floor and no protection from the winter snow or summer heat. In August 2005, when she was brought to the sanctuary, she had severe wounds on her paws because of the frozen or overheated bars she had to step on every day. She recovered pretty fast in the quarantine area of the sanctuary and in October 2006 she was released in the first forest enclosure. She got used to the other bears quickly and now she’s spending her time up in the trees and during summer she loves to cool down in the pool where she swims with other bears. Odi can be identified from a distance as she has dark fur patches arround her eyes.