Project Description

In 2005, Cristi and Lidia were the first inhabitants of the Libearty sanctuary Cristi was born in 1981 and was caught from the wild as a cub. He was kept in a cage behind a restaurant in the town of Poiana Brasov, together with another bear – Lidia, for seven long years. They were an attraction for people visiting the restaurant. Cristi lived in those poor conditions for over 20 yearsLidia was born in 1991.

Together with Cristi, she survived the poor conditions. They were not given much food and had no shelter from hot weather or very cold winters. In 2005, the restaurant was demolished and an emergency rescue had to be undertaken to rescue the two bears. At the bear sanctuary they are enjoying the pools with fresh water, the dens, and dozens of hectares of forest.

In the summer of 2018 Cristi passed away.