//Evanna Lynch named one of the bears from Libearty

Evanna Lynch named one of the bears from Libearty

Evanna Lynch – the actress who played the famous character Luna, in the Harry Potter films, decided to give a name to a female bear that was rescued by the Libearty bear sanctuary after she had wandered on the streets of Ploiești, last Christmas.

This is what Evanna Lynch wrote in the letter to the Millions of Friends Association:

“I am honoured to have been given the opportunity to name one of Libearty’s newest bear friends, and after much thought and consideration I decided to name her Ciere (pronounced ‘Sea Air’). It is a name of Celtic origin that I came across several months ago in a science fiction novel about a young, stubborn and free-spirited girl named Ciere and it stuck with me ever since. I was fascinated to hear this bear’s story and the wild adventure she embarked upon that brought her safely, in the end, to the Libearty sanctuary. I was especially touched by her curious, inquiring nature and her independent mind that took her so far from home and I feel she truly earned the name Ciere. I know Ciere will be very happy and comfortable in the wonderful care of Cristina, Roger and the Libearty team and I trust she will bring her own unique, adventurous spark to the bear community of Zarnesti’.

Evanna Lynch

Evanna was in the sanctuary in October 2015, on the occasion of the 10 years anniversary of care and respect for the bears that have been rescued so far by the Millions of Friends Association from Brasov.

Read here the entire story of Ciere!

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