Project Description

Marinică was found as a small cub in the forest. His mother was probably killed and he was easily taken away, as nobody was there to protect him. He was sold to a zoo from Slatina, where he spent 14 years. The accommodation period was the most difficult. Then the time passed by, he grew up and lived his life thinking that this is how a bear lives like. When Fiona joined him and later Attila too, he realised that he’s not the only one living a boring and useless life and his hopes and dreams about freedom were shattered. 

However, in November 2010 his hopes and dreams got wings again and this time they were about to come true. Just a few days after his arrival to the Sanctuary, Attila and Fiona came too. They used to enjoy each other’s company and sometimes took long baths or climbed trees together.

Although he had friends and a lot of food, the long period of time he had spent in captivity made him go to and live, forever, in the Great Bear constellation, at the age of 21.